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Athletes safe guarded by SPOT Gen3 satellite tracking devices | Expedition Africa 2019
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With over 200 athletes tackling this year's estimated 560km Expedition Africa adventure race taking place in the remote and arid Namaqua West Coast, safety is the highest priority for race organisers, Stephan and Heidi Muller.
Kinetic Events have partnered with SPOT satellite tracking for the second year in a row, a tracking system that features satellite tracking, SOS button and emergency messaging which enhances each team’s’ safety and makes the dot-watching element of adventure racing more efficient and reliable.
SPOT, the leader in satellite messaging and emergency notification technologies will deploy SPOT Gen3 satellite tracking devices on all 52 teams taking part in this year's gruelling adventure race which features on the World Series Adventure Racing circuit.
Since 2007, SPOT has initiated over 5000 rescues worldwide, of which many have saved lives. Expedition Africa 2019 will venture these competing teams onto Stephan Muller's master piece of a course within the Namaqua West Coast area. Mobile communications in this remote terrain are limited, making satellite the only reliable way of communicating within this environment.
Each team will have a small, robust SPOT Gen3 on their backpack, allowing race organisers, emergency support teams, sponsors, family and friends to precisely track each rider’s location online.
In the case of emergency, a team can press the device’s SOS button to request help. The SPOT Gen3 transmits his or her location to the organising team, making it easy to dispatch the closest support within minutes. SPOT relies on satellite technology to ensure tracking and emergency messaging when adventuring out of cellular range and off the grid.
Kinetic, is providing Expedition Africa with a customised online tracking solution. Kinetic mapping system makes it easy for anyone to locate the positions of individuals and track their progress. Supporters and family can follow teams 24 hours a day on this tracking system
“We chose to use SPOT Gen3 after trial testing it in the remotest areas of the route”. This year’s Expedition Africa race stretches across a 500km area with limited cell phone signal. We realised that in order to provide reliable communication services for our athletes we had to drop the GSM based system we have been using for the past 6 years and move towards the Satellite operated technology that the SPOT Gen3 offers” said Stephan Muller, Official organiser of Expedition Africa.

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