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For the Love of Adventure Racing, the outdoors and all things beautiful! #itsallaboutlove

The start of Expedition Africa 2018 is upon us
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The weeks excitement is coming to a serious halt with final preparations coming in play as teams ready themselves for tomorrow's Expedition Africa 2018 start. Doringbaai will host all 52 teams ashore before the Team Captains are escorted across the bay to collect their tracker.  Local fisherman chartering their fishing boats will transport 6 team representatives at a time to a marshal based out at sea.

Once all 52 teams have received their tracker, Heidi and Stephan Muller will trigger the start and teams will officially take on their first 19km trekking leg of the estimated 560km course. Local media, community members and supporters are able to witness this excitement from 08h00 from the Doringbaai pier tomorrow morning.

14 checkpoints are to be collected within the first leg, followed by a 50km paddle and 37km trek, bringing them to transition three. On receipt of their first set of maps, navigators were only able to plot the first three legs of the 8 legged event, ensuring the element of mystery is kept intact.

"We are very excited about tomorrow's start, but are expecting it to be quite fast paced however, due to the larger legs later in the race, we need to consider racing conservatively, especially considering the water levels seem low for the 50km paddle leg which will result in an extremely tough leg followed by the 198km cycle" shares Adrian Saffy of team Castle Lite.

According to Dalton Burton, media person of team Slummies, nerves have begun to set in for the team and the atmosphere changed from giddy to serious around 11h00 this morning. "The team are meticulously conducting their final checks on kit and equipment" further shares Burton.

Families, friends and supporters alike are able to track each team as they tackle Stephan Muller's masterpiece of a course. Teams can be 'dot watched' via the live tracking link: throughout the course of the event, which proves to become an addictive experience for many. This software allows supporters to track each teams footprint within the race, showcasing any navigational route choices, errors and comparisons to other teams and so much more.

Get ready to experience an array of emotions as these teams tackle this adventure race of a lifetime; a 560km soulful and physical journey like no other,  which perfectly aligns with the Local Tourisms slogan: #findyourself.

“Our wish is that all teams have an experience of a lifetime. That they get to share in the experience and appreciate the wonder of all things beautiful and small” shares race organiser Heidi Muller.

Image: Bruce Viaene

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