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Kinetic Events Youtube Channel
  • San Juan Aventura Spending time on the community project.

    Expedition Africa is more than just a race. Its an insight into the communities we pass through so quickly, with an aim to leave a lasting impression.. Scenes from this years community project.
  • Expedition Africa 2016 : Race day 1

    Highlights from day one of this years Expedition Africa in Knysna, South Africa.
  • Masithandane Mosaic Project with the expedition Africa teams

    Before the teams started this years race, they spent some time getting to know the local community and exploring their artistic side. In aid of the Masithandane project, All teams built their own small piece of a larger Mosaic that will remain in Sedgefield as a reminder of our time here.
  • Expedition Africa 2016 : Race Day 2

    Highlights from day 2 of Expedition Africa in Knysna, South Africa.
  • Expedition Africa 2016

    Live streaming from the route.
  • Expedition Africa 2016 : Race day 3

    Highlights from day 3, Expedition Africa 2016.
  • Expedition Africa 2016 : Race day 4

    Highlights from day 4 of Expedition Africa in Knysna, South Africa
  • Expedition Africa 2016 : Race Day 5

    Highlights from day 5 of Expedition Africa 2016.
  • Expedition Africa 2017 - Media Tour Experience

    Leading up to Expedition Africa - Baviaans, the media crew for the event were sent on an exciting experience within the famous 'Adventure Province'.

    Photographers and videographers were escorted along the Eastern Cape, experiencing a Sunday's River Cruise, Addo Sand Sledding down magnificent dunes, Zip Lining over incredible landscapes, a game drive safari at the famous Addo Elephant Park, ending off with incredible dining and a good night's rest at Cosmos Cuisine.
    Our media team have truely been spoilt by the Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency.

    #expafrica #expedition #myec #media #trip @Visit_EC @spotinafrica @spot_africa #SPOTGen3 #SPOTAdventures #SPOTAfrica8
  • Expedition Africa 2017 Race Day 4

    Skylotec Adventure crossed the finish line completing the 514km Expedition Africa - Baviaans course in just over 80 hours. The team proved they were world class throughout the race, flying through each transition efficiently, professionally and navigating each control point brilliantly.
    Skylotec Adventure, Thunderbolt, East Wind and Nevarest Jabberwock have raced brilliantly gaining an advantageous lead on the rest of the teams. Skylotec Adventure and Thunderbolt AR were neck-and-neck throughout Day 3 until Thunderbolt AR experienced some navigational difficulties during their 123km cycle leg last night
    Both teams suffered a one hour penalty after transitioning through T11. Skylotec Adventure and Thunderbolt AR left the beach at Jeffery's Bay and continued along the road to the Transition area, instead of approaching the transition area via the beach as specified in the race booklet. 
    Skylotec Adventure chose to sleep during their penalty hour and were fast out of the transition just as Thunderbolt AR arrived. They completed the final 48km trekking leg through the famous Chokka Trail dune fields in less than 10 hours. 
    " The organisation was top quality, and what a beautiful race! The Canyon was definitely a highlight, and seeing the Buffalo up close like that was incredible, I wanted to see them" shares Malin Hjalmarsson of Skylotec Adventure soon after crossing the finish line.
    Skylotec Adventure will now represent Sweden at the Adventure Racing Word Champs in Wyoming at the Cowboy Tough in August this year.